’Szigetvár 1566’ Conference

Szigetvar1566Konf 2016Szept5 9 103Between September 6 and 9, 2016 an international scientific conference has been held in Pécs organized by our institute in cooperation with the Scientific University of Pécs. The conference took place within the framework of the „Miklós Zrínyi – Szigetvár 1566” memorial year. Along with three days of plenary sessions the audience, having come from eight countries, had the chance to view the most important novelties of the anniversary year, namely the reconstruction works of Szigetvár Castle, as well as the present state of archaeological excavations and identification works of the burial monument (türbe) on the location where Sultan Süleyman had died. One of the main goals of the conference – besides enumerating several new research results – was to give an overall impression on our knowledge concerning Süleyman and his era, focusing especially on the events on the Hungarian theater of war and the conflict with the Habsburg Empire. This conference, on the anniversary of an event of international historical importance, allowed foreign lecturers to get familiar with the most important results of Hungarian research concerning the middle third of the 16th century.


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