tsz 2019 02

Beatrix F. Romhányi The Medieval Hungarian Parishes and the Fourteenth-Century Papal Tithe Register 339
Serena Morelli Society and Offices in Southern Italy, Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries 361
Riccardo Rao Angevin Elites in the Italian Communes: Nobles, Officials, Foreigners 385
Thierry Pécout The Elites in Angevin Provence 397
Gábor Kármán Capturing Imre Thököly: The fall of the Ottoman tributary state of Upper Hungary and the diplomacy of Transylvania 411
Helga Angelovics Miklós Vay as MP for Zemplén County at the Diet of 1830 433
László Orosz „The Blind and the Lame, If They Join Hands…”. On the Cooperation between Weimar Germany and Hungary 451
Vilmos Erős Intellectual History [Geistesgeschichte] versus People’s History [Volksgeschichte]. The Divergent Interpretations of Gyula Szekfű and István Szabó in the early 1940s regarding the Non-Hungarian Ethnic Groups in Historical Hungary 479
Tamás Csapody The Survivor of Cservenka. Forced Labor at Bor 499
Péter Rajcsányi The Executive Committee of the Hungarian Television 1956–1957 – Facts Held Back 509

Boglárka Weisz The Driving Forces of the Hungarian Economy in the Middle Ages. Three-year Report of the RCH „Lendület” Medieval Hungarian Economic History Research Team 539



VT 2015 4 borito 1Researching the Empire in Russia (Zoltán Sz. Bíró)    503

Gábor Gyóni: Russia as Empire: Territorial Expansion and Population of the Russian Empire    505
Zoltán Sz. Bíró: Being “Alien” in the Russian Empire: The Legal and Social Status of “Eastern” and “Western” Ethnic Groups    521
Ekaterina Pravilova: The Role of Internal Colonization in the Bureaucratic System of the Russian Empire    553
András Deák: Under the Sign of Inertia: Economic Modernization and Orientation Change in the Post-Soviet Space    575
Márta Font: Andreas the First and Yaroslav the Wise    607
Endre Sashalmi: The Coronation Medal as a Vehicle of Legitimation: Iconographic Analysis of the Coronation Medals of Four Empresses, Catherine I, Anne, Elisabeth and Catherine II    625

Alexandr Stykalin: The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Soviet–Yugoslav Relations: Reflections on a New Documentary Book    645

Book Reviews
From the Human Body to the Clockwork: Metaphors of State, and State-building (György Képes)    667
Atatürk and the New Turkey in the Nazi Imagination (Péter Pál Kránitz)    672
The French-speaking European Countries and Hungary at the Beginnings of the Cold War (Gusztáv D. Kecskés)