vt2016 1The Birth of a Saint: Saint Martin of Tours 1700 (Marianne Sághy) 1

Marianne Sághy: The Life of Saint Martin by Sulpicius Severus: Context, Models, Historiography 3
Jacques Fontaine: Antique and Christian Values in the Spirituality of Great Western Landowners in the Late Fourth Century 37
Sylvie Labarre: Saint Martin and Monasticism in the Prosaic and Lyric Versions of the Life of Saint Martin 69
Veronika Wieser: The Chronicle of Sulpicius Severus and the Eschatological Expectations of the Late Fourth Century 87
Allan Scott McKinley: The First Two Centuries of Saint Martin of Tours 119
Bruno Judic: Pilgrimages to Tours in the Seventh to Tenth Centuries 147

Book Reviews
Medieval Hungarians through Western Eyes (Veronika Novák) 171
Sources Related to Medieval Hungary in North-Italian Libraries
and Archives (Krisztina Arany) 175

vt2016 2 borito emailFriars and Missionaries in South America (Tibor Martí) 179

István Szászdi León-Borja: God’s First Words in the New World: Millenarianism, Heresy and Orthodoxy in the Isle of La Española in 1493 183
Constanza López Lamerain: The Third Council of Lima and the Unifi ed Evangelistic Norms in the Ecclesiastical Province of Peru 211
Loránd Zajta: The Missionary and Scientifi c Activity of Károly Brentán on the Territory of the Viceroyalty of Peru 229
Dóra Babarczi: Hungarian Jesuits in Paraguay: The Letters of Ferenc Limp, SJ from the Years 1752–1753 259
Pedro Miguel Omar Svriz Wucherer: The Rebellion of Arecaya: Armed Guaraní at the Frontier 277
Ludolf Pelizaeus: The Narrative Construct of “Uncolonized Land” and Its Contribution to the Conquest of Chile from the Outset of the 16th Century 297

Book Reviews
Hungarian Jesuits in Brazil, 1753–1760 (Ágnes Menyhárt) 319
The Túpac Amaru Rebellion (Brigitta Kinga Schvéd) 323
On Mission in Chile, 1956–1975 (Mátyás Gábor Varga) 328

vt2016 2 borito email1956 as Refugee Crisis: New Perspectives (Stefano Bottoni) 331

James P. Niessen: The Culture of Welcome and the January, 1957 Austrian Refugee Quota Proposal 337
Gusztáv D. Kecskés: The NATO and the 1956 Hungarian Refugees 357
András Nagy: The Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary, 1957–1958: Bang-Jensen’s Struggle with Eastern Spies and Western Bureaucrats 373
Nóra Deák: Operation Mercy: The (Not Impossible) Hungarian Refugee Resettlement Mission in the United States 397
Tiphaine Robert: The Return of 1956 Hungarian Refugees from Switzerland: Reasons and Interpretations of Returning Home in Propaganda Warfare 413
Attila Kovács: Yugoslavia and the 1956 Hungarian Refugee Crisis 433
András Lénárt: The Process of Growing up and Integration of the 1956 Emigrant Students into the Austrian Society 451
Balázs Balogh: The Social Integration of the Refugees of the 1956 Revolution in the USA 469

Book Reviews
Diplomatic Relations between Hungary and the Holy See, 1920–2015 (Petra Hamerli) 485
Cultural Diplomacy amid Diplomatic Tensions: France in Central and Eastern Europe, 1936‒1940, 1944‒1951 (Gusztáv D. Kecskés) 490
Studies from the Workshop of Russistics (Mária Bodor) 495

Fvt2016 4ar Away yet Near: The Chances of European Civilization in the Colonial World 499

Tamás Túróczi: The Limits of the Spanish Expansion in Japan, 1543–1640 503
María del Mar Muñoz González: The Role of the Pitahaya, the “Dragon Fruit” at the Time of the Jesuit Missions in Lower California Peninsula, 1697–1768 527
Tibor Monostori: The Ultimate Conquest of the New World: La Araucana in Spain 547
Mónika Edina Bán: Emblems and Other Wittinesses in Mexican Baroque Literature: Interaction between Society and Culture in 16th–17th Century Mexico 571
Gábor Szabó-Zsoldos: Tendencies of Great Britain’s South African Colonial Policy, 1846−1881 585
Viktória Semsey: An Argentine Scholar in Europe and Latin America 611

Magdolna Szilágyi: Travelling in the Name of Saint Martin: Pilgrimage, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Heritage Management 629

Book Reviews
How was Romania „Romanianized”? (Klára Jakó) 641
The Written Sources of a Great Investment (Bence Péterfi ) 652
Colonialization as a Historical Phenomenon (Gábor Gyóni) 655

vt2017 1 borito1Crossroads of Cultures in the Hungarian Middle Ages (Márta Font) 1

Gábor Barabás: Heretics, Pirates and Legates: The Bosnian Heresy, the Hungarian Kingdom and the Popes at the Outset of the 13th Century 5
Márta Font: The Elite Supporting Hungarian Rule in Galicia 33
Attila Zsoldos: A Sienese Goldsmith as Alispán of Szepes: Italians in the Service of the Druget Palatines 53
Norbert C. Tóth: Foreigners in the Hungarian Chapters (1375–1424) 75
Renáta Skorka: The Heir of the „Greedy Wolf”: A Kőszegi in the Service of the Habsburg Dukes 93
Attila Pfeiff er: The Localization Issues of the Banate of Macsó and the Fortress of Macsó in Hungarian and Serbian Historiography 125

Armando Nuzzo: Italo–Hungarian Diplomatic Relations (1301–1550): The Vestigia Project 139

Book Reviews
Money and Finance in Central Europe during the Later Middle Ages (István Kádas) 153
Saint Martin of Tours and Hungary (Dorottya Uhrin) 158
A History of Cumans (Tamás Péderi) 161