vt2017 2 borito1From Assyria to Syria: In Network of Empires 165

Zoltán Pálfi : Northern Syria and the Old Assyrian Trade 169
András Bácskay: Incantations and Amulets against Lamaštu in Ancient Mesopotamia 193
Anna Judit Tóth: Maiuma – a Syriac festival in the Late Antiquity 215
Miklós Sárközy: The Šahrwarāz Dynasty of Syria and Egypt in the Early 7th Century 235
Máté Horváth: Syria between Abbasid and Mamluk Rule 249
Zsuzsanna Zsidai: The Syrian Coastal Region after the Crusades 267
Kinga Dévényi: Jihad in Islam: An Obligation for the Individual or for the Community? 297

Book Reviews
Social and Economic Transformations from the End of the 18th Century to the Mid-20th Century: Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia (Ádám Balogh) 325
The Holy Roman Empire as a Network of Princes (Veronika Rudolf) 330

vt2017 3Confi nes and Points of Adjustment 335

László Pósán: Chivalric Culture in Late Medieval Lithuania 337
Dániel Vincze: The News of the Recapturing Wars against the Turks and New England 347
Endre Sashalmi: Political Theology and the Emergence of Female Personifi cations of Russia in Visual Sources from a European Perspective: The Petrine Period as a Watershed 373
Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio Alvariño: From Conservation to Dismembering: Italian Provinces and Spanish Monarchy, 1665–1713 395
José Emilio Burucúa – Fabián Alejandro Campagne: The Dutch Political Model in the Río de la Plata Revolution 429
Radoslav Raspopović: Dilemmas in Montenegrin Foreign Policy from the Second Half of the 19th Century to the World War I 443
Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics: The Birth of the First Hungarian–Albanian Dictionary 467
László Bernát Veszprémy: Menachem Begin’s Legendary Life: Questions about the Early Career of the First Right-Wing Prime Minister of Israel, 1913–1948 481

István Tringli: Three German Exhibitions on the Reformation: Stralsund ‒ Rostock ‒ Berlin 497

vt2017 4 borito 1From Assyria to the Syrian Statehood: Dilemmas and Crossroads (László Bíró) 505

Steve Tamari: Arab National Consciousness in Early Modern Syria 511
Máté Horváth: The Heterodox Religious Communities of Syria 523
Péter Ákos Ferwagner: The Shock of the French Colonial Rule in the Middle East: The Great Syrian Revolt, 1925–1927 545
Dániel Sógor: Syria – an Old-New Pathfi nder Country 575
Zoltán Sz. Bíró: The Soviet Union and Russia in the Middle East 597
Gergely Varga: Relations between the United States and Syria from 1946 to the Present 619
Erzsébet N. Rózsa: Insurgence, Terrorism, and State Violence in the Syrian Confl ict 647

Book Reviews
The Tartars and the South Slavic Countries in the Second Half of the 13th Century (Sándor Szmutkó) 663
Interests and Rules: Merchants and Institutions in the 16–19th Centuries (Attila Tózsa-Rigó) 666
Social Inequalities and Discontent in Yugoslav Socialism (Péter Vukman) 671

Vt 2018 1 B1 kicsi1848 – A Turning Point in the New World (Andrea Kökény) 1

István János Molnár: 1848 in Canada: The Establishment of the Responsible Government 5
Andrea Kökény: The 1846–1848 U.S.–Mexican War and Its Interpretations 23
Zoltán Vajda: “Mexico to Us is the Forbidden Fruit”: John C. Calhoun, the Mexican War, and the Nature of the Ideology of Restricted Imperialism 45
Péter Hahner: The Historical Importance of the 1848 California Gold Rush 67
Katalin Jancsó: A Hungarian Soldier in Peru: Charles Kossuth and His Descendants 79

Zsuzsanna Csikós: A Wanderer on Hispanic Paths: An Exhibition Dedicated to the Memory of Ádám Anderle 95

In memoriam Ádám Anderle (1943–2016) (Ágnes Judit Szilágyi) 101

Book Reviews
A Wanderer on Hispanic Paths (Eszter Katona) 105
Revolution in the French Antilles (Lukács Krajcsír) 108
History of Canada (Zsolt Palotás) 112
The Republic of Love (Csaba Lévai) 116
The “War after the War” 1919–1933 (András Bakó) 121

Orsolya Varró: Agreement between William, Duke of Aquitaine,
and Hugh the Chiliarch: A Unique Text from 11-Century France 125
Anna Romsics: Forms of Confl ict Management in Francia
in the Ninth to Eleventh Century 153

Vt 2018 2 B1 kicsi


Marianne Sághy – Izsák Baán OSB: From Thebes to the Bakony: The Cult of Saint Maurice and his Companions in Europe (4th–21th Century) 175
Jean-Michel Carrié: Thebans in the West? Military History and Hagiography 197
David Woods: The Origin of the Legend of Maurice and the Theban Legion 229
Karla Pollmann: Poetry and Suffering: Metrical Paraphrases of Eucherius of Lyons’ Passio Acaunensium Martyrum 241
Frederick S. Paxton: Liturgy and Healing in an Early Mediveal Saint’s Cult: The Mass in Honore Sancti Sigismundi for the Cure of Fevers 263
Karen Blough: The Lance of Saint Maurice as a Component of the Early Ottonian Campaign against Paganism 287
Edina Bozóky: The Legend of Saint Maurice’ Lance according to Gottfried of Viterbo 311
Beat Näf: How Did Saint Maurice Become the Patron Saint of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation? 329
Gude Suckale-Redlefsen: The Cult of Saint Maurice, the Black Soldier in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation 339

Eucherius of Lyon: Passio Acaunensium Martyrum 353

Book Reviews
Education and Culture in the Barbarian West: From the Sixth through the Eighth Century (Veronika Novák) 359
Muslim Expansion and Byzantine Collapse in North Africa (Márton Tősér) 362
The Ideal Ruler in Medieval Bohemia (Laura Fábián) 367