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1968 as History: On the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Prague Spring (Miklós Mitrovits) 371

Péter Bencsik: The Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior in 1968: The Reforms of Josef Pavel 375
Zsolt Horbulák: Economic Reform Attempts in Socialist Czechoslovakia 399
Miklós Mitrovits: Heading towards the Military Intervention: The Prague Spring and the Hungarian Party Leadership 415
Stanislav Sikora: Slovakia after the Prague Spring: The Changes in the Communist Party of Slovakia and the Slovak Society (August 1968 – April 1969) 445
Veronika Gaál: Dispute over the Minority Rights in the Shadow of the Federal Transformation of 1968: Sources on the History of the Czechoslovak Nationality Law 471
György Lukács B.: The Croatian Spring 1966–1971 501

Book Reviews
Gustáv Husák: A Realistic Careerist? (Miklós Mitrovits) 523
Vasil Biľak: Traitor or Collaborator? (Attila Baki) 530

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Between Two Superpowers: Attempts to Expand Room for Manoeuvre during the Cold War (László Bíró) 327

Tamás Péter Baranyi: Détente in the Historiography of the Cold War 331
Béla Háda: From Balancing to Pro-Soviet Orientation: The Evolution of India’s Policy towards the Superpowers, 1947–1971 357
Iván Miklós Szegő: Five Challenges of Finnish History and Five Responses of the Finnish Elite, 1945–1990 389
Kinga Dévényi: Coups d’État and Revolutions in the Arab World in the Second Half of the 20th Century: A Paradigmatic Analysis 423

Tamás Dudlák: The Historical Role of the Assassination at Sarajevo: A Counterfactual Analysis of the Causes of World War I 467

Book Reviews
Stepfamilies in Europe, 1400–1800 (Dalma Bódai) 485
A History of Japanese–Hungarian Relations, 1869–1913 (István Koósz) 488
Hungary and the Arab World, 1947–1989 (Ágnes Kaczúr) 491
Hungarians in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918–1941: Articles, Accounts, Situation Reports on the Life of the Hungarian Minority (László Bíró) 493


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Against the Normans and the Ottomans: The Possibilities of Cooperation and Defence (Tibor Martí) 153

László Gálffy: A River Lined Expansion: Scandinavians on the Loire from the 840’s to the Beginning of the 10th Century 157
Miguel Fernando Gómez Vozmediano: The Wars in Hungary and the Career of a Spanish Noble of Extremadura: Pedro Barrantes Maldonado, Soldier and Chronicler (1510–1578) 191
István Szászdi: Castilian Support in the Fight against the Turks: Contributions to the History of the Military Relations between Spain and Hungary in the 16th Century 219
Ildikó Gausz: Mosaics to the Image of Duke of Mercoeur: The Political Career of Philippe-Emmanuel de Lorraine, 1582–1598 235
Barnabás Guitman – Zoltán Korpás – Ferenc Tóth – János B. Szabó: The International Background of the Ottoman War in Hungary, 1547–1556 253

Brigitta Szanka: From Calais to Konstanz: Communication Network of King Sigismund’s Travel in 1416–1417 295

Book Reviews
From Exoticism to Modernity: A Century of French Voyage in Hungary, 1818–1910 (Ferenc Tóth) 317
Another Italy: Fiume, 1724–1924 (Ágnes Ordasi) 320

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László Z. Karvalics: Hierocracy: Birth of a Control Structure. A Reconstruction Hypothesis 5
Attila Buhály: Ritual Practice as Information: The Role of the Haldi Cult in the Formation of the Urartian State 23
Dániel Ágoston Horváth: Religious and Cultural Exchange in the Ancient Near East 37
Erzsébet Hanny: “Quo Vadis, Domine?” Possible Propagation Paths of the Gospels 49
Hajnalka Óbis: The Episcopal Administration: The Operation of an Information Workshop on the Basis of Augustine’s Correspondence in Late Antiquity 65
Kristóf Hajnóczi: Dante, the Witness 77
Gábor Kutrovátz − Laura Suszta − Miklós Vassányi: Galileo’s The Sidereal Messenger as a Cautious Stand for the New World Order 93

János Makai: The Centre for Russian Studies and Research of the Medieval Rus’ 133

Book Reviews
The Battle of Saint Gotthard and the Peace of Vasvár (Máté Urbán) 141
On Grand Strategy (Tamás Péter Baranyi) 146