nagyszeben csoportThe 21st session of the Hungarian–Romanian Joint Committee of Historians was held in Sibiu on 28 May–1 June 2012. Lectures were presented concerning the topic Social Structures and Self-identity Strategies. Our institute was represented by Zoltán Szász, President of the Joint Committee’s Hungarian Department, with senior research fellows Zoltán Fónagy and István Tringli. Acting Director General Pál Fodor’s paper was read to the audience in his absence. The hosts were Academician Nicolae Endroiu, President of the Joint Committee’s Romanian Department and Academician Paul Niedermaier, Vice President of the Joint Committee’s Romanian Department. The sessions were held at the Institute of Socio-Human Research (Institutul de Cercetãri Socio-Umane)of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in Nagyszeben (Sibiu). An excursion was also organized for the participants to Resinar, Kis- and Nagydisznód, Kerc and Felsőszombatfalva.

WallenbergJános Pótó, senior research fellow at our institute, leader of Bibliographic Research Team gave a lecture entitled Wallenberg Memorial Sites in Budapest on October 19, 2012 in Stockholm, at the international conference Raoul Wallenberg. Symbol or Mistery? organized by The Living History Forum.

A conference was organized with the title State-Church relations in East Central Europe between 1945 and 1989 – institutions and methods on October 18-20, 2012 by Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security (Budapest), Posticum – Movimentum Iuventutis Christianae Association (Oradea). Location: Oradea, Posticum Cultural Centre, 26 Teiului Str. Margit Balogh, senior research fellow at our institute gave a lecture at the conference with the title Representations of the Holy See in the Soviet zone, 1944–1950.

Forum HungaricumOn October 18–21, 2012 an international conference took place with the title III. Forum Hungaricum in Komárno, Slovakia. The organizers were Deutsch–ungarische Gesellschaft (Berlin), Haus des Deutschen Ostens (München), Forschungszentrum für Europäische Ethnologie des Forum Instituts für Minderheitenforschung (Komárom/Komárno) and Teachers’ Training Faculty of Selye János University (Komárom/Komárno). On 19th Andreas Schmidt-Schweizer, senior research fellow of our institute gave a lecture entitled Deutsch–ungarische Kulturbeziehungen im Spannungsfeld der deutschen Frage (1949–1990).

A conference entitled Carpathian Ukraine: long debates about the state with the shortest life. Case studies about definitive narratives of conflicts is going to be held at the East and Central European Research Centre of the College of Nyíregyháza on November 16 2012. The event will be organized within the framework of the ENRS (European Network Remembrance and Solidarity) project. The professional president of the first section is Attila Pók, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director at Institute of History, HAS Research Centre for the Humanities, member of the ENRS managing committee. The detailed programme can be read here.