The Hungarian Historical Review Vol.2 Issue 2 has come out

HHR 2013 2The second issue of Volume 2 (2013) of The Hungarian Historical Review (Angevin History) has been published!
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Angevin History


ATTILA ZSOLDOS: Kings and Oligarchs in Hungary at the Turn of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
RENÁTA SKORKA: With a Little Help from the Cousins – Charles I and the Habsburg Dukes of Austria during the Interregnum
GYÖRGY RÁCZ: The Congress of Visegrád in 1335: Diplomacy and Representation
BOGLÁRKA WEISZ: Mining Town Privileges in Angevin Hungary
GÁBOR KLANICZAY: Efforts at the Canonization of Margaret of Hungary in the Angevin Period
VINNI LUCHERINI: The Journey of Charles I, King of Hungary, from Visegrád to Naples (1333): its Political Implications and Artistic Consequences
VERONIKA CSIKÓS: The Bishop and his Chapel. The Héderváry Chapel in Győr and the Episcopal Chapels of Central Europe around 1400.

Book Reviews
A kalocsai érseki tartomány kialakulása [The Formation of the Archiepiscopal Province of Kalocsa]. By László Koszta. Reviewed by Dániel Bagi
Vásárok és lerakatok a középkori Magyar Királyságban [Markets and Staples in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary]. By Boglárka Weisz. Reviewed by Judit Benda
A Szapolyai család Oklevéltára I. Levelek és oklevelek [The Archives of the Szapolyai Family I. Letters and Diplomas (1458–1526)]. By Tibor Neumann. Reviewed by Tamás Fedeles
The Parish and Pilgrimage Church of St Elizabeth in Košice. Town, Court and Architecture in Late Medieval Hungary. By Tim Juckes.