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GyaluResearch fellows of our Institute of History, RCH HAS (Pál Fodor Director General, Attila Zsoldos research professor, leader of the Medieval Research Team, László Glück research assistant of the Early Modern Research Team, Stefano Bottoni senior research fellow of the Contemporary Research Team, Klára Jakó associate research fellow of the Neighbourhood Review Section) took part in the events of the Day of the Hungarian Science in Transylvania on November 22–23, 2013. The participation of our colleagues fit the objectives of the Neighbourhood Review Section of the Institute of History, RCH HAS, and also the cooperation agreement of RCH and the Transylvanian Museum Society, aiming at forming and maintaining intensive cooperation between the institutions and thus among the researchers of Hungarian history in Hungary and Transylvania. Pál Fodor had a lecture The ottoman heritage in Hungarian history, Attila Zsoldos about The royal power and the oligarchs in the 12–13th centuries, László Glück about The deformation of social status in five cities in Máramaros from the end of the 16th century, and Stefano Bottoni about The Ceausescu regime and the Hungarians in Romania between force and permission. Pál Fodor Director general of RCH also signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Hungarian History of the Babeş–Bolyai University.