Géza Pálffy’s lecture in Ljubljana at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences

carniola Invited by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences (SAZU), Géza Pálffy, the leader of our institute’s Early Modern History Research Team gave a lecture on 24 May 2012 at the Historical Seminar of the academy (Historični seminar ZRC SAZU). As the first lecturer among scholars of the Early Modern History representing Hungarian historiography, in his lecture given in German (Die Türkenabwehr und die Militärkartographie der Habsburger Monarchie in Ungarn und Kroatien-Slawonien im 16. Jahrhundert) he also gave an account on the results of his new volume on military cartography (Die Anfänge der Militärkartographie in der Habsburgermonarchie. Die regelmäßige kartographische Tätigkeit der Burgbaumeisterfamilie Angielini an den kroatisch-slawonischen und den ungarischen Grenzen in den Jahren 1560–1570. Budapest, Ungarisches Nationalarchiv, 2011. 96 p. + 108 p. + Tafel I–XXXII.). The small monograph introducing the earliest drawn country and border area maps of Hungary and Croatia was welcome in the Slovenian capital as well. Further information on the seminar and Géza Pálffy’s abstract can be found here.