Croatian-Hungarian common history: researching the Zrínyi Family

susreti dviju kultura boritozrinyi ujvar boritoThe premiere of two books was organized by the Institute of History of the Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Military History Institute and Museum on February 12, 2013. Both books deal with the Zrínyi family and were published in interdisciplinary, inter-institute and international cooperation.
The Zrínyi family (in Croatian: Zrinski) was a Croatian-Hungarian noble family, influential during the period in history marked by the Ottoman wars in Europe in the Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary. They were playing important role in the wars against the Ottomans, thus they are considered national heroes of two nations, Hungary and Croatia. They had Croatian origins, but they were also identified as hungarus, among many noble families in the Kingdom of Hungary. Miklós Zrínyi (Nikola Zrinski) was the most prominent Hungarian poet in the 17th century, while his brother Peter is known for his poems in Croatian language.
One of the volumes introduced was Susreti dviju kultúra: Obitelj Zrinski u hrvatskoj i mađarskoj povijesti, published in Zagreb in Croatian, on the basis of a Hungarian book The Zrínyi family in the Hungarian and Croatian history published in 2007 in Budapest, containing for the first time the results of the Hungarian and the Croatian researches on the Zrínyis and the lectures of a joint, Hungarian-Croatian conference on the Zrínyis in 2009. The other book, titled The memory of Zrínyi-Újvár (Zrínyi-Újvár emlékezete) was in Hungarian, but published also in cooperation of different institutions, showing the results of the joint research projects of the researchers of the Institute of History, the Military History Institute, county museums and the National University of Public Service (which was previously called after Miklós Zrínyi).