Cultural History Symposium in Croatia

The 43th Mogersdorf Cultural History Symposium was held in Koprivnica, Croatia on July 2–5, 2013, with the participation of two researchers of our Institute. The regional cooperation in historiography and cultural history research among Somogy and Vas counties (Hungary), Burgenland and Steiermark (Austria), Croatia and Slovenia has been going on since 1969, and regular (annual) symposia are held alternatively in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. The main theme of the symposium of this year was Geschichte der Körperkultur und des Sports im pannonischen Raum im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert. Our Institute was represented by Sándor Szakály, scientific advisor and research team leader, lecturing on Sport in der ungarischen Armee zwischen 1868 und 1945 and Zoltán Fónagy, senior research fellow, lecturing on Der saubere Bürger und der stinkende Bauer. Körperhygiene um die Jahrhundertwende in Ungarn. The program of the symposium can be seen here.